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Indonesia is one on the most populates country and must visited places in the South East Asia. Jakarta is the first in terms of population where as Surabaya, Bundung, Meda and Smerang places next in Indonesia. Bali is one of the tourist places in Indonesia. This place is very well attracted by tourists as Bally is fully covered with beaches and temples. The beaches here are also very good and must seen places which are attracted by tourists. The trips advisors are also make this cash. Most of the business persons also Indonesia for their business purposes, But before going to Indonesia one must known some of the things about the customs to be followed there.



Indonesia has several religions like Hindu and Muslims and Japanese and Dutch. In Indonesia about 700 languages are spoken by Indonesians and about 300 communities are there. All are different to one another. Bahasa is their main language in Indonesia In which Many Indonesians generally known. Many of the people there are Muslims. The majority of population in Indonesia is Muslims. In Indonesia there is a rule that if any boy marries a girl then he has the approval of his parents. That means without the parent’s approval one cannot marry any boy or girl .There is the community for unity here. Here to relation starts with greeting. Here we don’t have to criticize in front of the others. Here yes means not yes and in some conditions yes means no.

So one has to speak to them by knowing all these, to talk with Indonesia business partner we should combine his title before his name. Here selamat is the word used with shake hand. It represents the respect towards them. The clothes also should be conservative styles and for women it is better to cover from shoulders to knees like collar neck and all. One should carry business cards and it should give with the two hands and without single hand. You have to write a title on the business cards.

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