electronic mail forwarding tips

Why do you need the help of a mail forwarding service provider? Well, this is about snail mail or more about getting start ups an address or rather an address that will serve as their location, but only on paper. For example, a new company can get the address of an office located at a posh or prominent location, something the company may not be able to afford. So, these mail forwarding service providers will get you such an address and then receive all your correspondences and then forward it to you. In this way, new businesses get a reputation and which helps attract new customers. Here, mail forwarding companies can help and at the same time, when you are communicating or marketing using emails, there are certain mail forwarding tips that can help.

Now, about electronic mail or email forwarding tips

More than snail mail, in today’s time, what you need is electronic mail. When it comes to sending emails and forwarding them, there are some etiquette that you should follow to maintain your reputation and your business trust.

Check and check: Before you forward your mails, it is important to check if what you are sending is facts or fiction. .


Make changes: When you forward an email that you have received, make sure that you do check its subject line and change it and write something to attract the attention of the mail recipient. If its just ‘Fw’s that your recipient will see, they may not even bother to open it. So remove all ‘Fw’s.

Add your personal touch: That is instead of just forwarding, put a comment that will motivate the readers to open the mail and read it. If you can’t add your take on the mail, then it is best not to forward.

No CC please: There is nothing more annoying and rude to receive mails where you can see the whole list of recipients’ mail ids and that means, there are the other hundreds who get to see your mail id. Respect the privacy of the recipient. Instead of ‘CC’, use BCC or Blind Carbon Copy and that means others cannot see any email id other than theirs.

For any business, all kinds of mails are important and you will have to ensure that you are ready for both. That is why; it helps when you can follow certain procedures and rules regarding snail mail and electronic mail.

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