Home Safes

2015 saw nearly half a million homes burgled in England and Wales. While this number continues downwards, for the victims burglary can be a traumatic experience.

One option for keeping your valuables safe and out of the reach of burglars is to consider having a eurogradesafe installed in your home. You can buy home safes that can not only protect valuables from theft they can also protect them from fire as well.

The range of home safes from which you can choose is vast. Depending on the type you choose the average cost can be anywhere from £50 to over £1,000 for a top of the range model. Deciding what type of safe you need will come down to how much you need to protect and the locking mechanisms. Where either space is limited, or you don’t have a lot that needs protecting then a small safe may be appropriate. The larger safes are better where you have a lot more to store, especially A4 documents for example. As for locking the safe, most come with either a key lock or a digital lock. The key lock is the more traditional locking mechanism while the digital safe relies on the entering of a pin code onto a numeric keypad. Since batteries power the numeric keypad they will eventually run down. Digital safes also supplied with a set of emergency keys to unlock them in situations of emergency.

When buying a safe, it is worthwhile checking with your insurer if they have any conditions on the type of safe you should have. Equally, buying one that has industry approval can be helpful. In the UK you should look for safes that have Association of Insurance Surveyors (AIS) approval.

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