Myths about Forex

Today, Forex market is surrounded by many myths, let’s look at the main ones.

Myth 1: in the trader’s trade is no stability

Among the traders in the forex market feedback on potential earnings are often different. Some people suggest that you can consistently earn forex, others believe that a series of wins necessarily be replaced by a complete rout. The truth lies in the interpretation of the word “stability”.

Of course, the foreign exchange market will not work from day to day and from month to month to earn the same amount of interest, but the trader’s profit should not be too wide-ranging, when the doubling of capital loss is replaced by the following month. Stable trader has minimal statistical deviation of the monthly income of the average value for the year or for the entire period of existence of the account. In the early stages, may be present for months or losing periods with zero profit, but with experience of their number will gradually come to naught.

Do not try to fit the market under its own criteria of rationality and unjustifiably included in the bidding for a beautiful picture with the same numerals statistics on earnings. Every profitable trading system is subject to self-regulation, so it is best to control the size of the profit and loss of money management methods, limiting the maximum lot.

Conclusion: The results of the stability of trading – a relative term.

Myth 2: to earn in the financial markets, we need economic education

Everything that is connected with the circulation of money, people are accustomed to associate with the banks, so often think that financial speculators – it is a separate profession, getting that, you can learn how to make money in the currency markets. In fact it is not. There is no educational institution, which provides a formal opportunity to get specialty speculators with a diploma and a guarantee of success in the future. Get knowledge about internet trading.

Many famous traders first open trading platform, it is not having any idea about the principles of financial markets. Self-development and self-learning – these are the main ingredients for success in the forex market trader. To learn the basics of e-commerce under the force of any housewife, although baseline conquest still does not guarantee a profit.

Conclusion: The Forex trading market is available to all regardless of the presence of higher education.

 Myth 3: To earn the forex market, it is sufficient to have a $ 100 deposit

The media broadcast anywhere on the financial market trading is available for anyone wanting to. This is due to the simplicity of registration and the minimum allowable amount, which should make to your trading account. For acquaintance with the terminal cash on deposit size does not matter. For serious a serious amount of earnings needed. In addition, a small amount on the trading account stimulates the trader to an overestimation of the lots and risky trade.

To determine the optimal size of the deposit is quite simple. If the risk-free trade the trader can count on capital gains in the amount of 10-15% of the amount originally invested. With $ 1,000 for trading, monthly profits will be only 100-150 dollars.

Forex – a complex mechanism with a lot of pitfalls. For its attainment will need more than one day. Only the purchase of self-experience will allow the trader to easily separate the truth from fiction, filtering out unnecessary and leaving the most important thing.

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